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Supplies are tight as growers are harvesting about a week in front of budget. Quality is being affected by the heat, rain, and winds. We are seeing a large amount of pink rib; however, quality should improve as growers move into new fields. Demand should subside with the passing of Mother’s Day. Pricing continues to remain elevated.

Romaine / Leafy Greens

Romaine supplies continue to improve, however we are still seeing fringe burn and bugs. Demand exceeds supply and pricing is high. Demand exceeds supply on green leaf and pricing remains high. Butter supplies are very tight and pricing is high. Spring mix quality is fair with good supplies.


Full transition has been made to the Imperial Valley on all onions. Most shippers are operating at full capacity thus making prices softer. Good quality overall. Jumbo whites are tight with only fair quality.

Red Onions

The jumbo red market is tight. Quality is good. Pricing will remain high.


Steady potato market. Pricing across all sizes is consistent. Overall quality is good.

Colored Potatoes

This market remains steady. Larger sizes remain the value. No real change is expected in the near future.


Florida volume is strong on all sizes and varieties. Since the weather has been excellent growers are in crown pick and quality has been very good. Expect another 3 weeks of excellent fruit and then we will transition north.


Green pepper markets are transitioning to central Florida. Quality and pricing are good, however expect to see this tighten as less acreage has been planted in the central part of the state. Red peppers are starting to tighten and pricing is going up. Quality has been good.


The lemon market continues to trend up weekly as summer approaches. Demand remains very active. Quality has been spotty at best.

Berries, Strawberries

Strawberry quality is starting to show improvement. Demand will subside with the passing of Mother’s Day. Growers are keeping a wary eye on unseasonable rains and high temps. Berries are not at their best in these conditions. Strawberry pricing will remain high. Blueberry availability out of Florida and Georgia have been good. Quality is good, pricing is elevated. Blackberry availability is getting better and quality is good. Raspberries are tight and quality is average.


The lime market is tight due to lack of rain and early picking is hindering sizing. Prices are expected to continue to rise. One would be kind to call overall quality poor.


Supplies are short and prices remain high.

Brussel Sprouts

Supplies continue to be very tight as the demand is not slowing down.

Brug Alert

It is that time of year again! Due to the high winds the lettuce fields experienced heavy wind burn as well as bug pressure. The hills are starting to dry out which increases the number of insects searching for a water source. Make sure you thoroughly wash all product prior to serving. Suggest victory wash or similar product.

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